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Michael Adams wins Ruy Lopez Chess Festival

Administration, 15 April 2008  

English grandmaster Michael Adams has scored a victory in Ruy Lopez Tournament 2008 in a Spain town of Merida. The peculiarity of the festival was that the players had to choose only a Ruy Lopez opening!

The English grandmaster, who occupies 14th position in FIDE rating, was a clear favorite in this tournament with not-such-a-strong contingent.

Adams confirmed his reputation of an expert of a Ruy Lopez game and passed all along the festival without a loss, however scoring four wins. All in all the leader got 5.5 points out of possible 7.

Zhang Pengxiang (2640, 81st position in FIDE rating) from China showed his best stopping right before the leader. The third and the fourth places were shared by a talented grandmaster from Armenia Gabriel Sargissian (2643, 81st position in FIDE rating) and India’s representative Humpy Koneru (2603) occupying second line in FIDE female rating. Both grandmasters got 4.5 points each. The Armenian chessplayer achieved the third place thanks to additional ratios.

The tournament was a round robin starting on April 4th and closing on April 13th. Time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves, 30 minutes and 30 seconds for each and consecutive move.

Final standings of the tournament:

1. Michael Adams (England, 2729) – 5.5 out of 7.

2. Zhang Pengxiang (China, 2640) – 5.

3-4. Gabriel Sargissian (Armenia, 2643), Humpy Koneru (India, 2603) – 4.5.

5. Fabiano Caruana (Italy, 2620) – 2.5.

6-8. Manuel Perez Candelario (Spain, 2537), Hou Yifan (China, 2549), Julio Ernesto Granda Zuniga (Peru, 2609) – 2.

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