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Privacy statement

The user’s information being collected by the site can be divided into directly provided and not directly provided.

In the first case the user’s information is used to define statistical indexes, modernize, improve and enlarge services provided. Directly provided information which is obligatory for filling-in is user name, e-mail address and password. User name may not be unique; it is used just for being displayed on the site. E-mail address uniqueness is a must; it is used for user identification on the site. Password is a confirmation of owner’s identification data. Neither other users, nor administration of the site can access the password. The password is not stored in open form, so it is not possible to restore it, if you forgot it. The user can reset the password for a new one. In such a case he will receive a value of his new password to e-mail. If you received such a letter, but exactly remember you had not reset the password, you should send a private message to the technical support service. User name, e-mail address and password are set up while registering and can be changed later in the private user profile.

Directly provided information which is not obligatory to fill-in is personal user data: country, city, age, sex, etc.

Not directly provided information is necessary for statistical indexes, partner program, improving the services provided and to effectively administer users. This information includes the list of all user IP-addresses, browser version, operation system and so on. This information is collected for all users, including non-registered users.

Site administration does not disclose this information to the third party. The user can any delete all information collected in time as well as personal data via delete profile function.

Site administration bears no responsibility for information disclosed to the third party by users themselves.

Site administration reserves to itself the opportunity to enlarge information which is being collected as well as to completely delete it on condition that user personal data will not be damaged.

User identification can be performed in automatic mode using cookies, though it is not recommended to use this opportunity on the other computer. User password and e-mail address are not stored in site cookies, but any other housekeeping information can be stores here. This information is kept coded for registered users. Site administration bears no responsibility for loosing or transmitting cookies to the third party by users themselves.

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