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GGDB Super Star killer eye

Kenzo has been the coolest brand around since its revamp a few seasons ago from Opening Ceremonys head honchos. Since then, its been nothing but must-have soldout tiger sweatshirts (a street style star in its own right) and killer eye motifs galore. For Spring 2014, Kenzo took on a whole other animal—fish—and made what will likely be another collection of gone-viral garments.

Her dalmation print coat has been met with GGDB Super Star Sale quite the mixed bag of criticism, though, as people either really lovethe look or hateit.Full block animal print is admittedly a hard look to pull off, so, it’s never going to be to everybody’s tastes.

An exclusive launch of the Marco Zanini designed Halston Fall collection is nearly selling out and causing a bit of fashion hysteria at Selfridges in London. Priced similarly to Lanvin, these dresses, separates and Golden Goose Super Star fur accessories are hardly a deal, but the well-heeled fashion pariahs are on the hunt for something else; a great Studio-54 inspired dress, or perhaps a piece of fashion history.

Going to Tiffany & Co. is always a delight and I was in an especially good mood when I made my way up to the fifth floor the other day to preview the jeweler’s Fall 2011 collection. Upon entering, I went up to the fourth floor of the New York City flagship to pick up an Elsa Peretti Salad Serving Fork and Spoon, which I had been eyeing for awhile as a gift for my mother’s birthday. Needless to say, despite the fact that the utensils just went up in price – those darn silver prices keep rising, serving as a reminder that if you like something, dont dwell on it! – I was excited with my new purchases and looking forward to seeing more.

To get Diannas killer eye, youll need two soft kohl eyeliners such as Laura Merciers Kohl Eye Pencil $19: one in black and one in navy. Apply the black pencil on the waterline inside the eye and the navy around the outer lash line and blend the navy liner outwards towards the corner of the eye. Use false eyelashes or a few coats of a good mascara on curled eyelashes to accentuate the look. Finish with a pigmented gloss or shiny lipstick such as Givenchys Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick in Beige Shine $29 or another pinky nude color.?Photos: Nikki Nelson/

As the sister of a princess, Pippa Middleton knows she’s going to get photographed on her way to work—luckily she always looks chic and put-together. The return of fall doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to dresses; start with a warm sweater dress, and add a printed scarf, bright bag, and ankle GGDB Super Star boots and you’ve got the perfect fall look. For even cooler climates, this outfit would also work with black tights.

tFS: You are now, in a sense, a fashion maverick to many people. You often speak about style being personal, and coming from within. I think a lot of people admire that while you embrace new brands, you are also true to classic brands that appeal to your sense of style, whether or not it has been said to be "cool". That being said, what is your favourite timeless classic brand, that no matter what stage your life is in, is still reflective of your evolving style?

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