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Currently on the market have a lot of shoes

PU leather, France this class belongs to the faux-leather, not leather. Faux-leather technology development in recent years, many features have been comparable with real leather, but is still breathable enough and durable enough such shortcomings. But the price is relatively cheap. Shoes are leather, a topic that people are always, leather is expensive because of its natural, inherent physical and raw materials are not easy  vibram five fingers to come and faux leather with its price, surface changes and the effects of some particular aspect of the property market. In some about inner real sex of industry, as business shoes, clothing, leather than imitation skin has advantage: but some on inner real sex requirements not high of industry, as leather handbags, furniture sofa,, imitation skin of market compared big, author on some fake products with fake skin business shoes then playing leather of

brand of practices is despised, so wearing not comfortable, not breathable, second real sex bad, easy bad. Currently on the market have a lot of shoes, in order to reduce costs, will use part of the dermis, and some leather pieces together, or by a two-layer coating (on the second layer of skin with PUMake a layer mask so that ventilation would have been a lot worse) to replace the leather, if not in the main part should not matter.  nike blazer mid If is completely of really shoes, because leather of natural sex, in main part with good point of no disability of to do, in some secondary parts (as shoes tongue, not by force of parts), will with some almost of disability more point of to do, this is is normal of, is identification leather and fake skin products of a is good of approach, after all you cannot put family of shoes cut from see whether has velvet surface to identification's! To currently of

market price, in general city of most of shoes shop inside, in Yuan 150 Yuan above on can buy to leather of shoes has, and below this price, and not in formal of shoes shop inside, will carefully has, especially those open-air small vendors selling of bargains, if you not professional persons (even is professional persons also to carefully, do don't corruption cheap, that 90% 9 is lie of. At regular shoe stores, and around 150 Yuan can buy a double layer of leather shoes (which rubs off on the surface, and after finishing of leather, breathable bad), 150 to 300 dollars you can buy a pair of suede pigskin shoes, 300Above can buy a pair of more upscale General made out of calf suede leather shoes. In General, identify the material as genuine leather, really no straightforward method relies on experience, brand. Er, shoes, style is simple, say, men's dress shoes into tie-back type and simple type,-

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Men's shoes are here and dress and matching shoes

 the plus one or two drops vinegar, can makes shoes of brilliance sharp durable, best is night coated shoes oil, second days morning with soft cloth will shoes light wipe several again, such can makes shoe Polish in the of pine fuel-efficient and paraffin, components full to was leather absorption, up to very good of protection role, also makes uppers light flexible. Shoe wash there is rule of law, collection methods. Decolorization of shoes, air max tr 180 available yarn (preferably a burning on the water) gently Polish the shoes discolored or coarse. Then take the egg and stir, adding shade of dye and leather shoes or shoe Polish moderation, mixing evenly applied polished, coated twice can be placed to dry after, then use Polish again, leather shoes are as nice as the original.How to match shoes make it? Men's shoes are here and dress and matching shoes, sneakers, combat boots kind of shoes

are not appropriate for dress to match. Casual shoes and dress shoes are only a step away, but there are some general rules to follow. Dress shoes should not choose bright colors. Standard black dress shoes, Brown/cordovan-colored. Laced shoe is still the symbol of high quality. Shoes, shoes fabric fabric, natural leather, usually the shoes can be seen in the market there are several fabrics 1, the first layer of leather suede cowhide  nike air max 1 leather pattern obviously, pores, soft texture, but is not very bright. Often the first layer of leather are processed into "Litchi pattern" shoes, top grade cowhide products of this type. 2, two or three layer cowhide leather leather-processing technologies can now be opened for many layers, below the first layer we fall into this class, this leather has no visible lines and pores on the surface of the skin, bright as a mirror manufacturer

behind the painted leather. Such leather high quality finish, easy to clean up nicely, but hardness hard poor comfort, obvious crease easily. 3, pig, pig skin is relatively low-grade leather, fabric, and was also most shoe manufacturers to use the most, in pigskin pliable than leather, but overall and cowhide are closer. Belonging to the mid-range fabric. Pigskin is also divided into the upper and the lower. 3 is softer than cowhide, Sheepskin Sheepskin texture, gloss and strength compared to cowhide, usually relatively rare on dockers men's shoes, but rather see more in women's shoes. Comfortable to wear, which belongs to the material in the top grade leather shoes 4, Snake skin, alligator leather is both noble symbol of shoes, don't know if dinosaur skin ~ ~ hehe. Expensive, characteristics of nature is still slightly better than Kraft, I ever bought. 5, the Republic of Korea leather,

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can be designed to open front high-waisted leather shoes

 design (v) three slots in high-waisted vamp design refers to slots in high-waisted leather shoes ankle separated in the first stitches in one style, stitch reverse stitch technique is usually used. This is a common high-waisted leather and distinct characteristics, breaks lasting performance, suitable for different gender and age of consumer groups. Ordinary high-waisted leather model before cutting and large range of curved cut is   nike air max classic bw difficult, to make the model easier to break last, easy processing, designed as slotted structure is undoubtedly a good idea. (A) entrance of structure and design in slit midline tear before the high waist leather shoes,Inner and outer sides of the ankle are usually designed to help structure fully reflects the look and feel of a clean, elegant, style as a whole only after the front dorsal Raphe nucleus and Raphe nucleus. Of course can be designed for other structures.

Slotted high-waisted leather shoes, mouth position more flexible, can be designed to open front high-waisted leather shoes, can also be designed to open high-waisted leather shoes. Position the length and width of the opening control data conforms to the basic rules described earlier. After the length of the front vamp, waist-height control with front opening described earlier covers your shoes the same. (B) the curved cut nike air max 90 and slot pilot because the structural characteristics of high-waisted leather shoes, song skip processing is rather special. Does not require moving rocker, rocker only need to give the appropriate parts. Leather shoes with curved cutting method and slotted a low waist is exactly the same. Methods are as follows: (1) maintain the same stitches in seed boilerplate front and rear ends. (2) find the sutures in Crown point, which reduces 0.5~1 mm, and then take

advantage of connecting to the stitches on either side. (3) find the concavity of the suture in point, which rose 0.5~1 mm, and then take advantage of connecting to the stitches on either side. (4) treatment resulted in stitches in a smaller curvature. Suture and its internal or external malleolus differences in treatment and after other high-waisted leather shoes are the same. Wearing leather shoes need attention gets new shoes, old shoes are rubbing. New leather shoes leather-filled pores, in front of a worn brush on a layer of Polish to fill it, you can make it longer to keep clean, and shoe-shining bright. Shoes wear well or not and the number of oil and old leather shoe uppers have wrinkled hair crack, needs more oil, oil rub on four or five times a month, and maintain smooth uppers and protecting leather uppers. Wipe oil Shi, to with soft of brushes and cloth, in shoes oil in

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makes shoes reached overall beautiful consistent

shoes. There are many colleagues ask me, he thinks he toned color colour, why parts of the finished repair with original shoes, or worse. Here mainly because they are a rendering intent, no longer caused by chromatic aberration, because repair parts through different processing, such as covering attached to the back cover, sanding, filling, processing, can create the anticlimactic with original shoes. That is also color of slurry, finishing in different background of leather Shang, reflect out of color also different, by above method will local modified good Hou, last also needs on full shoes for once light spray color pulp transition,  nike air max 95 such a is cover you try color parts of chromatic aberration, II is cover original shoes wear coloring poor and wipe not net of parts, makes shoes reached overall beautiful consistent, makes shoes turned old as new. 2 upper finishing offProblems occurred

 in upper high gloss, oil, tight upper density, water absorption very bad shoes. Prevent this class problem of occurred, first is processing off original uppers upper of waterproof layer, makes uppers sucking water moderate, conducive to slurry of stick with firm, second is brushing attached agent or strong attached agent, makes uppers with upper of slurry stick with firm, third is first again slurry must used manual brushing of method processing, has many shop early operation are is right, he think I to coated attached agent layer has, late of coloring pulp used spray, because spray on leather of attached sex far is less than  air max plus manual coated a again pulp, Shoes often appeared wearing the previous process is not in place for some time,A pair of shoes, a tie, a plain shirt, will be able to reveal his taste. Shoes: every three days, the best for a good shoe is both beautiful and

comfortable, lightweight and flexible. Elegant traditional black tendon boots, is the best choice for business entertainment and Office work, understanding it and all kinds of suits can. But best to wear Brown clothing matches the same color shoes. Black shoes and brown shoes men's shoe is an essential thing. But keep in mind that shoes are important, but it cannot be more eye-catching than body clothing, or from looking like a pair of shoes come walking with measured steps. When wearing dress shoes, wear sports socks to wear wool socks or stockings. Sock color is better in black, dark gray, taboo light, do not write. Watong higher elasticity is better, so sit down, revealing a unsightly legs. Shoes are not worn for more than 3 days in a row, often changing shoes, both good for feet care and to avoid shoe deformation, and there are always new feeling. High-waisted vamp

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full shoes overall refurbished to will full shoes upper light

should be repaired in a timely manner. to extend its service life. How repairing leather cracks in a person's life, approximately 50,000 miles of roads, foot for good health and longevity is closely, so a pair of feet and toes shoes are to be valued and treasured. It was reported that the Japan Shoemaker research seminar, published South of Tokyo Hospital Director Shi Jiazhong males, according to a report, he told the patients  air max direct hospital South of the city and Japan applied to 735 men shoe synthetic study of "shoe question polls" as a result, wears are too narrow or too sharp, too-small shoes, 26 experiencing lower back pain. 5%, sore shoulders 2. 1. 2%, headache, 17. 7%, in addition to lowering thinking, loss of appetite, inexplicable illnesses can also be seen. Male Shi Jiazhong says nerves most of the lumbar part of the foot stretched out, wearing ill-fitting shoes can stimulate nerves, makes

one feel restless. In order to avoid foot pain, make sure you wear appropriate shoes in size. However, in everyday life, shoe wear long, surface prone to cracks, even RIP. Repair methods are: fill in to wax pattern, flat ironed with the iron trade, oil rub on the same color shoes. It is worth reminding people that here: necessary to master the ironing temperature and time, preferably with lower temperatures tried ironing, so as not to  air max thea scorch shoes.Shoes refurbished process FAQ and solution method 1, and palette method shoes complementary Qian a to first will whole uppers Shang of stains and the shoe Polish, clean clean, check uppers layer paint belongs to what type, if spray is solvent light layer of, can used to film agent or strong to film agent wipe uppers, full shoes overall refurbished to will full shoes upper light layer removed, if local refurbished on will needs

complementary of parts and the is greater than finishing parts around 1-2Cm of parts light layer removed, other not needs coloring of place, best also gently wipe a again removed uppers Shang of stains, easy late of slurry transition and combines and the palette of compared, color deployment to original shoes color basic same, eye see slurry not layered, color than original shoes color shallow some, with sponge stained little slurry coated Yu clean of eat pulp smaller of parts, with hair dryer machine blow dry slurry. Contrast color, no obvious contrasts of the shoe can finish, compared to the original shoes color, see color difference what color make up what, after a lot of contrast is not obvious, you can use. Because the finish is not a complete, each time finishing, dry and contrasting tones, call into the right amount of color finally make backup color consistent with original

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