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Legal and cheap FIFA 18 coins

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is considering leaving Madrid, is also fined and makes FIFA 18 in trouble. If Ronaldo moves, FIFA 18 must undergo significant changes, including cover photos, trailers and game images.

EA Sports's world-renowned game lineup makes FIFA debut this year. Using Cristiano Ronaldo's FIFA 18, he used Real Madrid as a superstar and liked the pictures and trailers in the game.

In any case, sports opinion was shocked by the news of Ronaldo's separation. As far as we know, in the past few days, the tax is for the Portuguese star, is said to be a one-time fine. At that time, Ronaldo suddenly decided to leave Real Madrid, claiming his head.

The news is no doubt that the FIFA 18 developers in trouble. Because in the advertising, headquartered in Madrid, Ronaldo in the forefront. With the change of superstar, FIFA 18 must also change.

If you make a turnaround, FIFA 18 requires significant changes, including cover photos, trailers and game images. We know that under normal circumstances, the game must be placed on the shelf within 3 months. Therefore, the game maker will be in a very difficult situation. In addition, if possible setbacks, FIFA and PES will pass the PES 2018 contest.

Once the game is available, legal and Buy Cheap FIFA 18 Coins will be sold on Get the latest FIFA 18 news and guides on our new page.

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